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Augustiner Weissbier 20x500ml

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The Augustiner Weiss beer is rarely exported, and considered the best german weissbier. The Augustiner hefeweizen is remarkably easy to drink. Golden orange hue with a great hazy head that lingers. Fruity with less banana and spices than most other weissbiers with medium carbonation. Possibly the best wheat beer in the world.

Munich’s oldest independent brewery, Augustiner-Bräu was founded in 1328 within the monastery of the Augustinian Brotherhood. Production has moved over the years as secularisation and privatisation took hold, but the old german brewery has maintained its prevalence as a foremost producer of quality german beer.

Augustiner Brewery is an important part of Munich's culture, owning one of the city’s largest beer gardens and hosting a tent at Oktoberfest. Their most popular beer is Augustiner Helles, an incredibly drinkable pale lager.