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ABK Edel 30L Keg

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Product Information

Country Germany
Brewery Aktienbrauerei
Style Lager


30L Keg
Pints 52


ABK Edel is ideal if you enjoy an extra malty beer with a lovely head, a deep gold colour and packed with malt. 

Hoppy aromas mixed with a biscuit sweetness and a freshly baked bread aroma Hints of some sweet apples and pears.

To taste, you’ll notice the slightly toasted malts and light floral hops which start with light biscuit, before a sweetness, to form a buttery bitter finish.

Easily drinkable. Crisp and refreshing.

Other Information

Coupler required. This is not provided with the keg

Gas, tubing and tap are required. This is not provided with the keg

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